Second Chance Auto Financing
What is a second chance auto loan?

Second chance car loans, also know as bad credit auto loans or poor credit auto loans, offer customers a chance to enter into an actual auto loan with a lender ultimately to rebuild their credit. They are intended to provide vehicle financing that allows the borrower to repair their credit to the point of getting more favorable loan terms. Borrowers must compensate the lender for taking the risk in lending to them by paying possibly a higher interest rate, which gives incentive to the borrower to refinance as soon as they are able. Another form of compensation the lender may require is more money down so the risk is shared more.

If you're considered a high credit risk because of past credit issues, you can get a second chance to rebuild your credit with a subprime auto loan at Auto Group Sales & Service in Roscoe, IL. When you get a second chance, be sure to make your auto loan payments on time. It is a perfect opportunity to really bring your credit up.

Many high risk car loan lenders are willing to give you a second chance to finance a car, van, minivan, crossover, truck or SUV. Most of these lending sources are not available to the general public. Instead, they offer their services through local car dealers who had to go through many stringent processes to offer this option to you. Not every used car dealer offers second chance financing options like we do here at Auto Group Sales. We have some of the best financing specialists that will really fight for your best terms available to you. Yes, many dealers have some second chance financing options, but not like this. They don't offer what we do to our customers.

With over 8 years special finance experience, our finance department will make sure to present all of your best options. Our team knows what the lenders look for and how to get you the best negotiated finance terms for your situation. We are on your team. We want you to be comfortable and happy with your choice to finance your vehicle. We will also offer you some of the best resources and tips for maximize your credit in the shortest amount of time to minimize the out of pocket expense over the long term.

Applying at another dealer, you run the risk of further lowering your credit score with unnecessary credit bureau inquiries. That can ultimately cost you more money for quite some time.

Here at Auto Group Sales, we understand that life happens and doesn't always go as planned. We can help!

~We understand having no credit is sometimes worse than bad credit. We can help!
~We understand having a repossession, a divorce, an illness, a cash income, being self employed, being a temporary employee or even unemployed limit your options. We can help!
~We understand needing to rely on disability or social security for income. We can help!

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